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Places of Interest in Windsor

Jewish Community Centre

1641 Ouellette Avenue (519) 973-1772
Location:    Corner of Ouellette & Tecumseh
Contact:      Steven Brownstein - JCC Executive Director

Windsor's JCC was recently renovated and has a new weight room and basketball court.  In addition, the JCC has a Kosher restaurant which serves nightly meals from Monday to Friday (reservations need to be made by 1pm on the day you wish to dine)

Mazal Tov Kosher Catering & Restaurant
Located at the JCC, this FABULOUS restaurant serves up the finest KOSHER cuisine in the area.  Under the supervision of Rabbi Krupnik (Vaad of Detroit).

Hours of operation:
Sunday: 2pm - 7pm

Monday: 11am - 3pm

Wednesday: 11am - 3pm

After Hours:
Call and Speak with MAZAL to arrange for pickup of after hours orders

A & P - Supermarket

Huron Church & Tecumseh (University Mall)
24 Hours a day (Monday-Friday)
11am-6pm (Sundays)

A & P has weekly shipments of Kosher meat (sometimes cheeses) from Toronto.  All meat is supplied by "Chai". Orders can be placed (small or large orders) by calling the meat department.

This store also has a wide variety of kosher products under its private label.   As well, A & P devotes half an aisle of its store for various Kosher products.  At Passover, all your passover needs can be met by a huge selection of Kosher for Passover products at this store.


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